Sydney Milani-SE Polk-ISU
©Mike Byrnes 2018

Next Level Iowa Podcast For December 14, 2018: Payton Wensel and Sydney Milani

Payton Wensel-Linn-Mar-Iowa ©Mike Byrnes 2018

Payton Wensel-Linn-Mar-Iowa
©Mike Byrnes 2018

Feature photo: Sydney Milani ©Mike Byrnes 2018

On this edition of the Next Level Iowa Podcast, we talk with Payton Wensel-Lin Mar-Iowa and Sydney Milani-SE Polk-ISU about their first collegiate meets.


We also look back at the kick off indoor meet for the Hawkeyes, featuring many of our former Iowa high school athletes.  We also check in at the Central and Dubuque opening meets and talk about how the season might unfold for our Iowa athletes.  All this and more, on the Next Level Iowa Podcast!