Living Faith In The Public Eye: Randy Whitsel

The name Tim Tebow is recognized by almost every American household these days.  The world seemed  surprised that as a NFL player for the Denver Broncos Tim would continue his strong witness for his Christian faith that he gave as a Heisman winning quarterback for his University of Florida team.  Raised by a missionary family who trained him to be a witness for his Savior and that his first mission in life is to use his talents for the glory of Christ, he is an inspiration to many and an enigma to others.  He is a reminder to all that God is sovereign and although his Mother, for health reasons, had been told several times by physicians that she should abort the baby she eventually named Timothy she chose to trust God and bring him into the world.
With the resources that his lucrative salary brings he is supporting over 40 Philippine evangelists who are sharing the gospel with their countrymen and along with CURE he helping to construct a 30 bed orthopedic hospital for children in the Philippines,
Recently traded to the New York Jets I heard his remarks at his first press conference which were filled with humility and the desire to connect with his new team mates.
Some time back I heard someone make a comment that although they had known and know of a person for a number of years that lived and worked in their community, they did not know until then that he professed to be a Christian. Tim Tebow is living demonstration to all of us Believers that we need to keep the words of our Savior in mind, from our text, “Whoever acknowledges me before men I will also acknowledge before my Father in Heaven.”  Let’s speak of our Savior with our lives and our lips!
Yours for the Journey,