Mike with some of the athletes he's photographed, Megan Durbin-Greene County-ISU, Keri Siebrecht-Sheldon, Jessica Feldman-Harlan-USD. Audrey Miller-Loras, Jenny (Hosack) Hamilton- Harlan-AHSTW 
©Jim Kirby 2018

Photographer, Mike Byrnes Displays His Track Photos

Keri Siebrecht-Sheldon and Mike Byrnes ©Jim Kirby 2018

Keri Siebrecht-Sheldon and Mike Byrnes
©Jim Kirby 2018

Mike Byrnes is a photographer who has a long history of shooting sports of all kinds and all levels.  Mike, has been a great supporter and help for Next Level Iowa.  Recently, Mike and Doug Wells of Grand View College (another great supporter and contributor of NLI) teamed up to exhibit some of Mike’s best photos in track and field.

Below is Mike’s description of exhibit and the origin of the idea.

Feature photo: Mike Byrnes and the some of the athletes in the exhibit ©Jim Kirby 2018
Grand View Photography Professor Doug Wells asked that I exhibit in the gallery a year ago, and helped me assemble the show over the past few months. He asked that I use a very small number of very large prints, each of which is accompanied by a short story about the image/athlete. It was never intended to be an “all track & field” show, but with Doug’s encouragement, it simply turned out that way. The promo piece the Grand View staff did for me includes this dialog:

EYES are Everything (except when they’re not)

Great sports images capture emotions, often through expressive eyes. Some would say “eyes are everything,” but they don’t always tell the whole story!

The thirteen images in this set depict an array of emotions…grit, jubilation, pain, concentration, drama, trust and disappointment. They also highlight the strength, speed, grace, perfection and outright toughness of track and field athletes. For those of you who are legitimate track junkies the show includes throwers, jumpers, wheelchair racers, sprinters, hurdlers, vaulters and distance runners…from High School and Drake Relays Champions to World Champions, Olympic and Paralympic medalists.

I was able to communicate either directly or indirectly with several of these athletes, which was very rewarding in it’s own right. The common thread bonding all of their stories is humility, and the passing of praise up to Faith, family, coaches and teammates. Some of the stories are the stuff movies are made of!
The gallery is on the Grand View campus, at the east end of the skywalk over East 14th street.

Those included in the exhibit’s photos

  • Colette Gnade, Shelby Houlihan, Katie Flood & Ellen Dougherty
  • Karmen Nyberg (Augustana, SD)
  • Megan Durbin
  • Jenny Simpson
  • David Brown/Jerome Avery
  • wheelchair athlete)
  • Audrey Miller (Loras)
  • Jessica Ramsey
  • Ashley Spencer
  • Makiah Hunt (USD)
  • Cheri (Becerra) Madsen
  • Vashti Cunningham
  • Shelby Houlihan