Coach Bob Schultz-Loras
©Jim Kirby 2017

Next Level Iowa Podcast for October 11, 2018: Coach Bob Schultz


Bob Schultz and Audrey Miller-Loras ©Jim Kirby 2017

Bob Schultz and Audrey Miller-Loras
©Jim Kirby 2017

Feature photo: Coach Bob Schultz-Loras College ©Jim Kirby 2017

On this edition of the Next level Iowa Podcast we talk with Head Cross Country of the Loras DuHawks.  Coach Schultz’s teams are perennial, leaders on both the conference and national stages.  We talk with Coach Schultz about his teams, his philosophies and his insights regarding the fascinating world of cross country.

We also cover some of the smaller schools, featuring Iowans, out in Western Iowa, such as Morningside, Northwestern and from across “The Big Muddy” (Missouri River), Dordt College.

All this and more on the Next Level Iowa Podcast!