Elyse Prescott-Urbandale-Minnesota  
©Golden Gopher Athletics

Minnestoa’s Prescott is Finding Her Groove

Elyse Prescott-Urbandale-Minnesota  ©Jim Kirby

Elyse Prescott-Urbandale-Minnesota
©Jim Kirby

University of Minnesota sophomore Elyse Prescott began the 2017 cross country season by racing unattached at two meets before making her official sophomore debut at the Greater Louisville Classic 5K. Prescott reflects on how she chose the University of Minnesota, her kinesiology major, and more.

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Gopher Sports: How did you pick the University of Minnesota?

Elyse Prescott: I wanted to go out of state, but I explored a few other options and I even looked in-state a little bit, but when I came on my visit to Minnesota and met with Coach Hopkins and Coach Nick (Larson), I just felt a real connection with them right away. Then on my official visit, just hanging out with the team, I felt like I was at home. It was a good distance from home, and I also loved the school itself and all the opportunities that it gives. The Twin Cities is a great place to live.

GS: What is your major? Do you know what career path you want to explore?

EP: I’m a kinesiology major, and I’m thinking physical therapy right now.

GS: What sparked your interest about physical therapy?

EP: Being a runner and an athlete in high school and being in PT clinics. We have a few close family friends that are physical therapists that kind-of sparked that interest and I slowly realized that, although it’s not fun to be in PT clinics, it’s fun to watch the patients and the progress they make through the care of physical therapists.

GS: Do you have a favorite motivational quote or running mantra that you use?

EP: One of my favorite mantras is, “Strong and relaxed, I’ll run fast.”

GS: Complete the sentence: Running is _______.

EP: Running is freeing.

GS: Do you consider yourself more of a cross country-sided or a track-sided runner?

EP: I would say a little bit more track. I like the distances in track a little bit better, but I love the team in cross country and I’m starting to get used to that 6K, so hopefully we can figure it out soon.

GS: What’s your favorite place to run in Minneapolis?

EP: I love Stone Arch. Even though you don’t get to be on it for very long, I always love seeing all the people that are on it. It’s always busy, and all the dogs and interesting people playing the guitar and different things. It’s always exciting.

GS: What is your favorite thing about cross country and what is the most challenging thing about cross country?

EP: The most challenging would probably be the distance, the 6K is just kind-of a weird distance and it kind of pushes my range a little bit more. Also, our course is pretty tough, but it’s also pretty exciting to have. It’s fun to be able to practice on that. The thing I like the most would be the team atmosphere and that everybody’s fighting towards a common goal.