Wartburg Women XC
©Knights Athletics-2017

Knights Run a Hot 2nd Place Finish at Auggie

Wartburg Men's Cross Country-2017 ©Knights Athletics

Wartburg Men’s Cross Country-2017
©Knights Athletics

Wartburg’s women’s cross country team ran to a second place finish at the Augustana Invite Friday with 115 points.

Courtesy Knights Athletics, click here! Feature photo: Wartburg Women XC ©Knights Athletics-2017

The top finisher for the Orange and Black was freshman Cassidy Christopher (Cedar Falls), who finished in 13th place with a time of 19:48.6.

Wartburg’s competitors:
13th: Cassidy Christopher, 19:48.6
15th: Beth Mallon, 19:52.5
23rd: Nicole Breitbach, 20:12.0
29th: Gabrielle Marchino, 20:19.3
38th: Carina Collet, 20:32.7
43rd: Ashley Stevens, 20:35.5
45th: Aryka Parsons, 20:38.0
47th: Shae McEnany, 20:43.3
59th: Kylie Kelchen, 21:01.6
84th: Miranda Fober, 21:29.0
102nd: Janelle Baeskens, 21:47.1
107th: Jackie Falconer, 21:54.4
129th: Maddie Kemp, 22:21.5
190th: Gabi Gonzalez, 24:09.7
210th: Jackie Garza, 25:00.1

Complete race results can be found here.

In the men’s race, Wartburg finished in 15th place with 374 points.

The top Knights JV finisher was Jay Mixdorf in 65th place with a time of 21:57.7.

Wartburg’s competitors:
65th: Jay Mixdorf, 21:57.7
71st: Jordan Yessak, 22:01.4
96th: Curren Matthias, 22:24.5
107th: Noah Worthington, 22:40.9
108th: Drew Hoffman, 22:41.7
128th: Sam Madson, 23:11.6
129th: Christian Brothers, 23:13.1
137th: Matt Heinzman, 23:18.5
144th: Sam Lorimer, 23:23.7
152nd: Conor Sapp, 23:34.6
186th: Trevor Sode, 24:15.5
192nd: Zac Sapiot, 24:29.5
198th: Matthew Schneider, 24:37.5
206th: Karl Jaeschke, 24:58.9
233rd: Ben Coleman, 27:21.9

Wartburg will return to action on Sept. 30 at their own course for the Dan Huston Invitational in Waverly, starting at 10:30 a.m.