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Cross Country Update Week 5!

Erin Kerkoff-Solon High School

Erin Kerkoff-Solon High School

There has been plenty of heat and humidity in Iowa this week, but if the extended forecast holds true, we will see more Fall like conditions, soon, in the days to come.

Despite Mother Nature’s desire to turn up the burners, there have been some outstanding high school meets this week, with more to come.

The 39thBallard Invitational was as good as predicted.   In the Class A portion, Carlisle Boys edged out Norwalk for the title, 64-65 and for the A Girls, it was Ballard holding off DC-G 44-47. Nodaway Valley was the Boys B division winner while North Polk won the B girls.  In total 47 complete teams took part in one of the biggest meets of the year.

Here is the link to Ballard results: https://www.iowarunjumpthrow.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Ballard-9-16.pdf

Here is the link to other HS XC results for this week:https://www.iowarunjumpthrow.com/2019-week-4-results/

HS Team rankings link:https://www.iowarunjumpthrow.com/cross-country/cross-country-results-rankings/2019-team-rankings/2019-week-3-team-rankings/

HS Individual rankings link:https://www.iowarunjumpthrow.com/cross-country/cross-country-results-rankings/2019-individual-rankings/

There are a number of college meets taking place this weekend that will involve Iowa teams.

The Yellowjacket Open at Graceland: http://www.gujackets.com/sport/0/4.php

Running of the Cows at Carleton: https://athletics.carleton.edu/sports/womens-cross-country

John McNichols Invitational- https://gosycamores.com/documents/2019/5/21//JM_Competing_Teams_5_20_19.pdf?id=5681

Woody Greeno/Jay Dirksen Invitational: https://huskers.com/index.aspx?path=cross

Bradley Intercollegiate- https://bradleybraves.com/sports/2011/8/30/205263915.aspx