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The Next Level Iowa: Faith “The Houlihan Sisters”

“Sister Acts” by Shelby and Shayla Houlihan ”Shelby” Over the years there have been a number of sister “acts” with Iowa preps and former Iowa preps.   We could make a very long list of such talented siblings, buit I would hate to leave anyone out.  One of the “sister acts” that is going strong right […]

The Next Level Iowa: FAITH “Mogan Casey”

“A Passion For Running” by Morgan Casey My senior year of high school I joined the ranks of many others such as myself who share a passion for running, and blogging about it. Occasionally I get a little personal, share a running story that’s maybe just a bit out there, but seeing as it’s only […]

The Next Level Iowa: FAITH “Betsy Flood”

“God Made Me Be Able to Run” by Betsy Flood My faith has played a really large role in my running career, especially in the past four years since being at Iowa.  Since being here, I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by some really inspiring Christians who have helped me to question the […]