Alex Gouchenour-Logan Magnolia-Arkansas

Alex Gouchenour: 2017 NEXTIE AWARD WINNER-Multis!

Alex Gochenour-Logan Magnolia-Arkansas ©Darren Miller

Alex Gochenour-Logan Magnolia-Arkansas
©Darren Miller

Alex Gochenour, Logan Magnolia HS and U of Arkansas graduate led a USA 1-5 sweep of the Thorpe Cup Heptathlon.  Gochenour who has graduated and is competing professionally had a score of 5,898 in securing the win.

Kurtis Brondyke, Clinton HS and Central College, has also graduated from college and is training and coaching at Central Missouri.  Brondyke was 5th overall and the #2 American in the Thorpe Cup Decathlon.

The Thorpe Cup is an international track and field Combined Events competition between USA and Germany.  Teams are made up of up to seven men and seven women who compete in decathlon and heptathlon.

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