A Little Help From Our Friends…


“Would you be willing to be a “Sponsor” or place an ad?

When The Next Level Iowa came about, Jim Kirby and I knew it had potential. It has outgrown what we had hoped for already! The number of “hits” and comments we get on a daily basis is beyond what we had dreamed of. To do this right, to promote our Iowa kids like they deserve, takes money. Period. Jim and I never planned on this venture costing us much of anything. Nor do we have any intentions of making any money. With that being said, we are looking to see if anyone is willing to help us out? At the risk of sounding like a “televangelist”, we need donations. We want to be able to put video of kid’s performances on our site. We want to have pictures of them in competition. We want to post links to other sites for results, schedules, rosters etc. All of this takes bigger and better equipment than what we have. I look at all of this as a good problem, because we thought these issues were a year or two down the road. BUT…it proves that there are people out there, who want to know about our Iowa kids and follow them through their careers. If you are interested in being a sponsor or placing an ad on our site, or know someone who does, please contact us! Any amount would help. Small donations added up, equal large donations. We would love to visit.
Mike Jay and Jim Kirby