100 degree days – too hot for running?


Des Moines – July 9, 2012 – – Learn more about the team, visit the web site Runablaze.com


The 27th Fifth Season (Cedar Rapids, July 4) was held during the hottest Iowa week in many decades.  Erin Moeller finished 10th in 28:49.  Diane Nukuri-Johnson of Iowa City set the race record of 25:50.  She also set the Dam to Dam record a month earlier.
Fifth Season has a long and proud history of fast times – 13 men broke 25 minutes and 10 women broke 30 minutes at this year’s version.  The records are 27 men breaking the 25 minute barrier in 2006, other great years were 1989 & 1996 (21) and 1987 (20).  The women’s top year was 1996 when 20 women broke 30 minutes followed by 17 in 1997.  The early years had a more Iowa or US flavor vs now more international runners.


Luke Demmel continues his running in Spain.  Here’s his story . . . This last weekend (June 23) I ran my first ever 60km race. It was called the GRAN TRAIL PEÑALARA or GTP. It was a trail race in the mountains around Madrid, Spain. We started in the town of “Rascafría” and finished in “Navacerrada”. I ran the 60km race, but there was also an 80km and 110km races. I finished 2nd in a time of 6:53:03. First place finished in a time of 6:45:43. We were going back and forth the entire the race, and finally he pulled away from me over the last 10km, which was completely down the side of a mountain, and my legs were done by that point. I had a great time! The views from the tops of the mountains were beautiful! Here´s a video of the race if you wanted to take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GROd2C5X1Z0&feature=plcp